AMSET s.r.o.
industrial electronics manufacturer, since 1991

Flexible and complex service

Osadzovanie SMT, THT - AMSET s.r.o.


  • from prototypes to series production
  • own stock of standard components
  • in house stencil masks, Oxygen free soldering, 3D AOI, 100.000 CPH, 01005, uBGA
  • flexible and complex service
Dosky plošných spojov / DPS / PCB - AMSET s.r.o.

Printed Circuit Boards

  • from prototypes to mass production
  • up to 42 layers, buried vias, 2mil line/gap, flex, rigid
Laserové SMT Šablony - AMSET s.r.o.

Laser stainless steel stencils
for solder paste deposition

  • in house metal and plastic stencil production
  • frameless or AL frame or Alpha TetraBond or ZelFlex, step stencils
  • express service

Our products

GSM/GPS/ACC/CAN data logger

industrial equipments data logger
car security and tracking


SEAL series

EMI and data access protection
SDIP-27 level A (AMSG720 B), NATO and NBU compliant


Authentication token

personal authentication, digital signature
2-factor authentication
USB–A or micro USB interface


Hardware, Firmware, Software development

Authentication token - Amset


Since 1991 company AMSET s.r.o. is the EMS manufacturer of industrial electronics. Core of our business on 1450m2 is the cost effective and flexible surface mount technology (SMT). Our own stock of standard components, advanced technology and years long experience of our stable team is a guarantee of flexible and expertise service.
We can process complex, high density items from prototypes to volume production. Advance technology means 6 production lines with throughput of about 100000 CPH, handling component like 01005, µBGA …, oxygen free soldering, 3D SPI and 3D AOI inspection, selective soldering, in house stainless steel laser stencil production. We also provide the PCBs up to 42 layers, rigid or flex, with buried vias, …
Part of our own resources are devoted to HW / FW / SW development activities. Our own product range is focused to EMI and data protection according to SDIP-27 level A (AMSG720 B), NATO approved, authentication tokens, car security, CAN data loggers for industrial machines. Company Amset has ISO 9001:2016 certification, and proprietary Quality Management Systems.

Our goal is the complex service.

Awards and certificates